Rand Park Dog Training Club, Inc.

"May we be as good, as noble, and as deserving as our dogs think we are"

Member Awards and Titles

Awards Banquet Recognizes Member Achievements

We honor our members accomplishments annually at our Awards Banquet.  At our banquet our members receive awards or titles earned the previous year.  Our new officers and the members of the Board of Directors are also installed.  In addition, we hold a Special Awards ceremony to recognize those members who display good sportsmanship, loyalty to the club, high scoring dogs, team of distinction, the individual who has provided the most assistance to the board, and member of the year. Below is a list of past honorees.

Member Awards

Member of the Year Award
Award winners are selected for this honor by the general membership for performing outstanding service to the club in the award year. Honoree exhibits exceptional devotion to the club’s values and promotes RPDTC’s vision and beliefs.

2018 - 

2017 - Kathy Baureis

2016 – Barb Krynski

2015 – Marge Kabala

2014 – Jean Eremo

2013 - Ruth Shields

Fendt Award
This distinction is awarded to the member who exemplifies loyalty and devotion to the purpose and objectives of the club, and is selected by the awards committee.

2017 - Mary and Frank Laurie

2016 -

2015 - Anita Wolney

2014 - Barb Pische

2013 - Margo Milde

Henriksen Award
This award is given to a RPDTC board member to acknowledge their willingness and devotion to carrying out the directives of the Rand Park Board.

2017 - Linda Forman

2016 - 

2015 - Ursula Hoeft

2014 - Sheryl Phelps

2013 - Laurie Ingstrup

Sportsmanship Award
This award honors the person who represents good sportsmanship in the best sense of the word.

(Note: could not find this in any newsletters prior to 2017, not awarded every year, or new?)

2017 - Patti Stitz

Brinker award
Awarded to the highest scoring dog at our annual obedience trials which owned by a Rand Park member.

2017 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss

2016 - 

2015 - Delores Valerio: Isolde

2014 - Evelyn Gianos:Timmy

2013- Mary Dellorto: Bliss

Roovaart Award
The highest scoring dog in Utility A or B at our annual Obedience Trials.

2017 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss
The Roovaart Award has been won by Mary for three years and is therefore now retired.

2016 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss

2015 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss

Novice Dog of the Year
Awarded to the member with the highest scoring in the Novice A or B class at the RPDTC annual trials.

2017 – Pat Duryea: Addison

2016 – 

2015 - Mary Dellorto: Deja

2014: Jean Eremo: Wizard

2013 - Kathy Hahn: Digger

Open Dog Dog of the Year

Awarded to the member with the highest scoring in the Open A or B class at the RPDTC annual trials.

2017 - Mary Laurie: Oscar

2016 - 

2014 - Colette Benson: Josie

2013 - Mary Dellorto:Bliss

Utility Dog of the Year
Awarded to the member with the highest scoring in the Utility A or B class at the RPDTC annual trials.

2017 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss

2016 – Mary Dellorto: Bliss

2015 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss

2014 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss

Team of Distinction Award
Awarded for qualifying with a score of 195 or above in three consecutive trials.

2014 - Mary Dellorto:Bliss

2013 - Mary Dellorto: Bliss

Service to the Board
This is a distinction award given to the board member(s) who have completed their service to the board.

2017 – Eleanor Goss and Bill Urquhart

2016 - 

2015 – Joan Pufundt, Gail Kipp, Barb Pische and Sheryl Phelps

2014 - Karen Korab and Forrest Shields

2013 - Dianne Muzzey and Margo Milde

Member Anniversaries

50 Years

2017 - Helene and Jerry Wulff

2016 - Dominick Gobbo, Vera Koch, Lyle Young

2015 - Jean Eremo

2013 - MaryAnn Gobbo

25 Years

2018 -  Gloria and Bill Urquhart, Jan Long, Ruth Shields, Barb and Mike Larsen, Sally Bushwaller

2017 - Lynn Adam

2016 - JoAnn Neville

2015 - Carole Burns and Patti Kalal

2014 - Pat Beckstrom and Kathy Hahn

2013 - Barb Krynski

10 Years

2018 - Karen Korab 

2016 - Patricia Duryea

2015 - Sharon Freund, Mikki Freund, Denise Hopkins and Chuck Serchuk

2014 - Rebecca Kay, Nancy Serchuk and Judith Wells