Rand Park Dog Training Club, Inc.

"May we be as good, as noble, and as deserving as our dogs think we are"

What is Dog Obedience Training?

  • Dog obedience training is an structured way to teach your canine about interacting with other dogs and people. In addition to socializing your companion, your dog will learn the foundations of good behavior. 
  • While your dog learns the basics of good behavior, you will learn skills and techniques to reinforce those habits.
Benefits of Attending Dog Obedience Training Classes

  • Training is an excellent way for you and your dog to forge a close bond.
  • Obedience training gives you more control over your dog, and as a result, helps to make it possible for you to take your pet to dog-friendly public parks, events and businesses.
  • If your dog will return to you when called, it can make the difference in a dangerous situation. Even a well-trained dog may bolt when startled, but understanding basic commands can help keep your dog safe from harm. 
  • Mental stimulation and physical exercise is important for your dog's health and welfare. Training provides an outlet for you to interact mentally and physically with your dog.